Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do we really want soul-sucking essence-demeaning career choices?

Self respect

The Dilbert comic strip does such an excellent job of capturing the essential despair of working in modern corporations.

The modern corporation is built in a top-down hierarchy, boss-men at the top (usually the boss-men are actually men) working through layers of captains and lieutenants, whose job titles are "Director" or "Manager", to dictate what the company does.  This leaves the people at the bottom of the structure having no opportunity for their own essence to live and breath.

There are Wally's all over the country, living a zombie-like existence, shuffling from meeting to meeting, doing tasks that probably have zero association with their divine spark of self expression.

Over time the self-survival tendency in some will do as Wally has done, adopt the practice of Despair, of knowing that they will never express true self through their work, and resigned to the slow crushing death of stifling their essence.

Is this the sort of society we want to live in?

Is this the best/highest form of gathering a group of people to operate a business making useful products?  That is - a Corporation is a grouping of people, most often for the purpose of running a business.  Corporations were developed out of era's where near-dictatorial top-down rule was the normal way.   But is this the best most healthy way for groupings of people to collaborate on running a business?

What do you think?

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