Friday, September 16, 2011

Peak oil and four principles of PR By Kurt Cobb :: ASPO-USA: Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

Robert Hirsch presented an impactful paper at the October 2007 ASPO conference that went over the impact on economy and society.  Peak oil activists and mass media have had a rocky relationship, and don't quite communicate on the same page.  Four principles for peak oil activists to better work with the mass media: a) don't criticize the media pubicly.  It'll just offput them and they can buy ink by the barrels or megapixel, depending on your unit of measure.  b) "Fear triumphs over hope".. so it's more effective to weild fear to goad your audience into action?  Reporters seem to like to print fear stories?  Sigh. c) Keep it short and simple rather than go into long explanations.  Unfortunately peak oil is full of long explanations, but those tend to lose the audience about halfway through. d) Focus on the cover-ups that exist, like the varying claims over oil reserves.

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