Friday, August 21, 2009

The Green Software Unconference

On Aug. 19 over 100 software professionals gathered in Mountain View CA at the Green Software Unconference (Facebook page). The attendees were individuals (e.g bloggers) representing themselves as well as representatives of companies large and small. There are many corporations developing software that addresses some specific environmental issue facing our society.

The day started with a claim that the Fortune 500 companies are spending over $25 billion per year on sustainability initiatives. The amount spent is increasing. I'm wondering though how much of those sustainability initiatives are greenwashing? That is, making a change meant to give some green improvement but itself doesn't make much (or any) improvement. I could name several things my former employer did which had vanishingly little actual goodness.

Obviously there's big potential for software to make a positive "green" contribution to the world we know. Software is a part of much around us running businesses big and small, embedded in cars, cell phones, and so much more.

They suggested a phrase: 'Sustainability Systems Developer'

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