Friday, May 8, 2009

Technosanity Book Review: Green Jobs, A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

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Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment is a job hunting guide that's especially relevant to Americans right now. Why? With the Obama Administration the path promised to steer the U.S.A. out of our economic is green jobs, green technology, green businesses, etc. This podcast is an indepth look between the covers of an excellent guide to finding these sorts of jobs.

This book is very in-depth containing a very comprehensive list of resources for every item they discuss. The first couple chapters set the stage with the history of the environmental movement, and the environmental challenges facing our society. The latter part of the book is an extensive survey of the job market for green sustainable careers.

The book is set up with these sections:-

  • Introduction
    • It's a Greening World: How we got where we are and where we're headed is a history of the environmental movement
    • Green goes mainstream is about the need for sustainability to become mainstream
    • Who wants a green job is about the values which might drive one to change career into work meant to implement sustainability
    • What green means for education and training is about training resources to help one prepare for a career in sustainability
  • Industries
    • Green Energy
    • Green Transportation
    • Green Building
    • Green Organizations and NGO's
    • Natural Resources Management
    • Green Goods and Services

Technosanity Book Review: Green Jobs, A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

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