Monday, February 2, 2009



EcoWall is the premier distributor of Ecolite -- a 'green' wall system made of post-industrial steel and recycled materials. It is a celullar concrete combined with metal studs. It provides an innovative way to cut costs, reduce construction time, and benefit the environment. Ecolite walls are built off-site and delivered as prebuilt walls to the construction site. Thus the construction site has less cleanup required.

EcoWall qualifies for points in four of the LEED rating categories.

Ecolite reduces green-house gas emissions compared to other types of concrete due to the high air content of cellular concrete and the thin cross section of our concrete. Ecolite wall systems are made from recycled cold-formed steel and a light weight proprietary concrete mix. This concrete mix is made up of approximately 25% recycled content, all of which is post-consumer, and at least 25% regional materials, more may be available depending on location of the project. Steel recycled content rates vary, but according to LEED NC 2.2 projects can assume 25% recycled steel content based on average minimums. When using Ecolite, detailed recycled content percentages for steel will be provided for more precise calculations.

Ecolite Concrete USA is a building systems technology company. We license a suite of technologies which enable our licensees to design and fabricate proprietary walls systems for commercial, municipal, and government construction, typically on a large scale. Ecolite's patent pending wall system and proprietary fabrication process enable the rapid production and delivery of walls directly to the job site.


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