Friday, February 6, 2009

Be An Eco-Consultant in Your Community

This strikes me as possibly being the modern equivalent of those ads in the back of magazines saying you can make $3000 a month, you send them the $10 and get back a letter describing how to set up a business selling people on making $3000 a month. Anyway, "Ge A Green Irene" has blanketed the Internet lately with advertising extolling the business opportunity of greening our world one home (and office) at a time.

They say: Our Eco-Consultants are independent business women and men who work from their own home or office and are distributors of our eco-consulting services and an array of green products. They are a direct sales company that lets people set up part time or full time businesses. The main product is a "$99 Green Home Makeover conducted in about 60-90 minutes and covers such topics as energy conservation upgrades, energy efficient lighting replacements, water conservation and purity tools, indoor air quality improvements and harmful chemical reduction in the home." There's also a business version of the product lineup.

You'd be working on your own time setting your own hours and being a small business owner. You can hold "Go Green" parties which sounds like the modern day equivalent to Tupperware parties. You don't own inventory, instead the Irene mothership sends directly to your customers. Obviously there is more to this than the makeover, but the makeover is simply the foot in the door through which they sell other products. The eco-consultant would walk around the house and check off a list of things which could be purchased to make the home more green, presumably.

As you can see in the comments below ... "Green Irene has in fact approved by the Board of the DSA (Direct Sellers Association) as a full member. Additionally, we have been approved for Green America's (formerly CoOp America)Green Business Network and we are a proud member of the BBB." These steps demonstrate a commitment for quality business practices.

Become an Eco-Consultant


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