Monday, December 8, 2008

Eco Bob


The name Ecobob is derived from the word ‘eco’, an abbreviation for ‘ecologically friendly’ and the acronym ‘bob’ which stands for ‘best of both’. Our philosophy is that it is possible to have ‘the best of both worlds’ in terms of living in harmony and balance with our environment while still enjoying the comforts of technology and modern living.

Ecobob is a web site, developed to make eco friendly living easy. The web site provides users with an easy way of accessing information on environmentally friendly living such as profiles of eco houses, a listing of businesses providing eco living products and services, a range of information articles on eco living and an online community for people to share ideas and connect on eco living topics.

Through our web site we want to make it easy for people to become more environmentally friendly by giving them good, practical information at their fingertips.


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