Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Systems, Sustainable Architecture, Michael Frerking


From its inception in 1975, Living Systems Sustainable Architecture (LSSA), has been committed to the creation of thoughtfully conceived, quality homes that are aesthetically pleasing, healthy to live in, environmentally sound, and resource and energy efficient.

Recognizing that buildings consume half of all energy in the U.S. and are, therefore, responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, LSSA's mission is to further the sustainability of life by addressing the design, construction, operation and future of our built environment for generations to come.

Michael Frerking began Living Systems Sustainable Architecture (LSSA) 33 years ago after experiencing the devastation caused by clear cutting in the Pacific northwest. Dedicated from the beginning to the "green" practice of energy and resource efficiency, Michael has become one of the leading proponents of green construction for passive solar heating and cooling.


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