Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MSNBC Going Green network

I recently learned of the MSNBC Going Green network, which I'd never heard of. Sounds like an interesting possibility to access "content" plus gain some extra visibility for the blogging I do through this web site. I want to first take a look at the service as there is an interesting question here irregardless of whether this blog joins their 'network' or not. There is a need for people to have access to good quality news and information about "green" issues and sustainability, so does MSNBC or MSN have a good quality service? -- This is MSNBC's home page, and looking over the top level navigation it's completely unclear how to get to "MSN Green" or whether they cover any environmental, green or sustainability news. U.S. News, nothing, World news, nothing, Business, nothing, Tech & Science, nothing. Uh? - It does have a link, "Green Living", which goes to ... Presumably if I were to login in and create a custom home page it could include a block for Green Living news items from

I see they have supporting partners including: Conservation International, Environmental Defense Fund, Earth 911, Grist,, Treehugger, The Daily Green

There's a set of links at the top for 'msn' leading to News, Lifestyle, Travel, etc, content and it appears there is "green" content among the regular content of their news & information site, and that these links assist the reader to view the green subset of the news they publish.

In general it looks pretty reasonable. It's interesting that some of the content they publish is coming from their partners.

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