Friday, August 29, 2008

Humanity Unites Brilliance

  • The central uniting place for people and organizations to come together and move our world from survival, to self-sustainability, to self-empowerment
  • A new model for business and humanitarian living
  • A social community supported by a powerful social marketing program
  • A source for you to gain access to the finest tools, resources and products to help you use your passions to transform yourself and the world - including the world's most inspirational educators, best-selling empowerment authors, top empowerment curriculums, and more
  • Unite some of the most effective non-profit and for-benefit organizations, such as food companies, education companies, micro-loan companies, and more, combining their contributions, creating “the full package”, allowing communities to receive the resources necessary to sustain themselves on every level
  • Unite your brilliance with other like-minded people, social change leaders and organizations, allowing you to use your resources and passions to change our world
  • Maintain an economic engine that not only creates consistent funding for important humanitarian works, but grows exponentially and creates financial abundance for those who help us generate the dollars - a revolutionary way to give that we call “sustainable global giving”


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