Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carol McLelland, What you need to know to find a green career

90% of finding a new job is navigating the inner landscape of hopes, dreams, fears, self sabotage, etc. Stay focused especially on the idea that possibilities abound. Stay in hope and momentum.

That point, staying in hope, possibilities, momentum, that's about being a good manifester.

Many have a question or block of needing to know where they're going before starting out. This is a way of blocking yourself and keeping yourself from starting out. She claims it's better to just start out, and that you don't have to have the journey worked out before you start. Instead the journey is taken one step at a time. The thing you're starting toward may not even exist at the time you start out.

Is your industry ready to hire you? Are you qualified for the industry you want to work in? What are the qualifications?

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