Sunday, April 27, 2008

Energy Crossroads: A burning need to change course

American policies were designed for a world economic arrangement of $20 per barrel of oil. Oil is now at $120 per barrel and climbing. There may be, in the short term, a decrease in the price of oil if the short term supply situation straightens itself out. However, long term, the price of oil is only going to go up. As our dear president said, America is Addicted to Oil but like true addicts we haven't even entered the first step in the 12 step program to recovery. We haven't admitted to our addiction and are in deep denial.

That's what this documentary, Energy Crossroads: A burning need to change course, is all about. It is about exploring the problem, shining light on the addiction, and a half dozen ways the problem can be solved with technologies that are already known.

Cheap energy is what converted our society from primitive horse-drawn ways of doing things, to the sleek modern technological marvels we have all around us. But the people who are adults today have no memory of where we came from. Speaking for myself, my whole life has been embedded in a lifestyle of extravagant energy use which seemed perfectly normal. Driving everywhere, having lights to keep the house bright any time I want, heating the entire house even in the coldest winter, not freezing in the winter, having hot showers at any time of the year, etc. All that's normal, right? Nope. All that came from one effect on society, cheap abundant energy.

Our society is at a crossroad, a choice point in terms of how we resolve this energy crisis. If our society continues being in denial, our society will fail. If on the other hand our society learns to use our energy wisely and responsibly, we will continue developing and growing into even greater technological marvels than we can imagine today.

That's what this documentary, Energy Crossroads: A burning need to change course, is all about.

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