Thursday, November 1, 2007

25 Resources to reduce, recycle and reuse plastic grocery bags

A short, academic essay on plastic grocery bags and their environmental impact: Reduce: How to reduce the number of plastic grocery bags used by yourself and your community The main way people seem to be working to reduce the usage of plastic grocery bags is through the use of reusable canvas bags.

...This segment from National Public Radio on the San Francisco plastic grocery bag ban: 9.... This article discusses California law AB2449 which requires retailers to sell reusable bags and to provide for recycling of plastic grocery bags: Recycle: Here’s information on how and where to recycle plastic grocery bags Many stores now recycle shopping bags.... An article on How to Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags Reuse: Here are some great resources to give you ideas on how to reuse plastic grocery bags Reusing the bags is an great idea especially if it allows you to reduce or eliminate some other material you’re currently purchasing.

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