Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkey day?

Why do so many people call the fourth thursday of November "Turkey Day"? For my readers outside the U.S. the fourth thursday of November, in the U.S., is a "holiday" called Thanksgiving. It's a harvest festival just like harvest festivals in other parts of the world. Our story for this holiday comes from the "earliest settlers" to North America. Well, the earliest European settlers, as there were already people here, attesting to earlier settlers coming to this continent. Those earliest European settlers ran into some problems when it became winter and they didn't have food, the earlier settlers took pity upon them, fed them, they all had a big party, and then a few years later those earlier settlers were all being massacred.

That's kind of a birds eye view of the "holiday season" from the Bizarro comic strip.

Haven't we lost sight of what these holidays were meant to be?

First, the word "holiday" is really "holy day" in disguise. The modern "holiday" is really a corruption of the holy day, a day that was meant to be in worship. Yet, today holidays are simply a day off, with a wide variety of activities one can do.

The retailers have taken over holidays with special sales, promotions, decorations, etc all related to the theme of each holiday. Ask yourself, did Jesus die on the cross for the furtherance of commerce?

Getting back to "Thanks Giving", what do you think was being commemorated? The event was a rescue from death by compassionate strangers. Right? In what part of that story was an orgy of football supposed to be involved?

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