Friday, November 10, 2006

Plastic jack-o'-lantern threatens deer's life

Plastic jack-o'-lantern threatens deer's life What happens with the local wildlife is attracted to Trick-and-Treating? Well, they get a plastic pumpkin stuck on their head, and they cannot eat or drink, threatening them with starvation, and it raises concerns by the people over the plight of the poor animal.

I suppose this draws out the best in us, and we want to help such animals. And I wish this deer the best.

But consider what Modern Society is doing to the wildlife. Every time a vacant field is turned into a shopping mall, wildlife has less place to live. Every time we drive our car, it spews more poison into the air and water, increasingly poisoning everything the wildlife has to eat. Every passing car on the highway keeps the wildlife from occupying the space occupied by the highway. That is a huger threat to wildlife than the few who get plastic pumpkin's stuck on their heads.

I think one of the universal values of living beings is for the environment around us to suit the bodies we inhabit. Modern technology, however, drives us to build this gigantic machine that is gobbling up the planet. The machine wants us to create an environment that suits the machine, but if we step back we see the two environments are vastly different.

Why do people who live in cities fantasize about pristine nature scenes? Such fantasies represent something lacking in the lives of people who have such fantasies. I suggest that fantasy derives from our innate human desire for an environment that suits our bodies, the natural world. But our technological society is building a different world.

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