Thursday, July 13, 2006

What to do with old glass bottles?

Tree Hugger notes What Should You Do with Extra Glass Bottles? riffing off a question on Apartment Therapy. The question is, you've bought something in a glass bottle, used the contents of the bottle, and now what?

I just recycle stuff. I recycle so much stuff that I hardly ever take out "trash" as most of what I take out gets into the recycling bin instead.

But, Tree Hugger suggests an alternative. Make stuff out of it. That glass bottle could be remade into several kinds of uses.

I remember as a kid we had a glass bottle cutter gizmo that we'd stick in the neck of a bottle, zip the cutter around the bottle, and off cops the top of the bottle. Instant flower vase, or instant pitcher, or instant drinking glass.

Well, not so "instant". The edges tend to be sharp, so you have to smooth them down. Especially if you want to use the ex-bottle as a drinking glass. Also you should be careful in handling the thing because you can accidently break the bottle while cutting it.

But ... as one of the commenters on Tree Hugger says, you only need so many drinking glasses. After you've made a set of drinking glasses, then what?

Yup... then what?

Recycle, my friend. The Earth will love you for it.

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