Saturday, July 30, 2005

This looks like a very useful sort of service. Say your car is broken, and maybe it's not exactly a popular car, and the part that's broken is hard to find. How do you go about finding the part you need? One possibility is to call all the junk yards in the area, but that takes a lot of time.

So, consider this welcome message:

Welcome to Get Used Parts, the easy way to find used auto parts online. Designed to help people with any level of car experience find used auto parts and car parts, Get Used Parts puts you in touch with thousands of junk yards coast to coast for a free, easy online solution. Now you can find used auto parts without scraping through salvage yards. Whether you are a full-time mechanic or a person who thinks cars just get people from point A to point B, locating car parts online guarantees great automotive parts while keeping your hands clean.

That's what they do, is serve as a middleman between you and thousands of junk yards. Instead of calling the junk yards yourself, you enter your request into the web site and it sends queries to the junk yards for you.

Since my car is missing its radio (actually, I took the radio out) I just tested the site. While the site did not work with Safari, it works fine with Firefox (Mac). It's very easy to use the site to describe the part you need. The site knows all the makes and models of cars, and the kind of parts that goes into each one. This is very reassuring in that it will help you describe the part correctly even if you don't know all the technically correct words.

I discovered this site here:

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